Worship Pastor

Coastal Community ChurchCharleston, SC7M ago

Coastal Community Church "exists to share and experience the LIFE & LOVE of Jesus with Charleston and the world!" We are a 28 year old non-denominational church in beautiful Charleston, SC with a passion for making an IMPACT in our community. For many years the church was just over 100 people. However, in the last 8 years the church has grown and now averages over 500 people on Sunday morning. Due to our growth and limited venue we built and moved into a new multi-purpose facility that seats approx. 350. Excellence in worship has been a key ingredient to the growth of Coastal, so we are striving to find someone who can continue to take the church to the next level. We expect to be a church of more than 1000 in 2020 and are making plans now for our next worship space. 

This is a full-time position and reports directly to Lead Pastor Chris Rollins, while working in harmony with the other pastors and staff of Coastal. This person will average 40 hours a week plus Sunday services. The Coastal staff works together as a team, doing whatever it takes to accomplish the overall mission of the church. 

This person we are looking for will have the experience and ability to do the following:


- This person must have a personal, growing relationship with Jesus, a desire to work at a church that reaches the lost, and a strong calling to be in full-time vocational ministry.


- A four year degree from a Bible College is a plus, but not a requirement. What is a requirement, however, is a strong Biblical foundation and world-view.


- Must have exceptional vocal/musical talent.

- Must be familiar with our style of worship: Hillsong, Bethel, Jesus Culture, Elevation, etc.

- Must have experience with leading a large team of musicians.

- Must have experience developing new musicians and volunteers.



- Use of graphic design, video editing, etc. a plus.

- While this person doesn’t have to be the “video, lighting, computer & sound guy” all rolled into one, they must be able to “learn it & lead it.” A working knowledge in any of these areas is a huge plus.


- Must be able to plan and execute services from start to finish (based on the Pastor's vision for the series or service), including music, set design, special pieces, media elements (video / graphics), etc.

- Familiarity with Planning Center & Pro Presenter is a must.

Other Responsibilities/Requirements:

- Staff Meeting (3 hours on Mondays).

- Weekly Direct Report Meeting

- Worship Practice, Wednesday Night Student Worship, Currently 2 Services on Sunday Morning. 

- Saturdays the office is closed and is used as a Sabbath.

- Office hours are flexible, but this is a full-time position.

- A positive attitude.

- A Team Player & a Team Builder.

- A familiarity with systems.

- A passion and drive for evangelism and reaching the unchurched.

- A high commitment to the local church.

Please include the following:

- Resume and cover letter. The cover letter should be personalized for this position and should answer these questions: Why you are interested in this position? What draws you to Coastal Community Church? Why you would feel comfortable relocating to Charleston, SC? What about you makes you stand out from other candidates for this position?

- Recent video of you leading worship/singing.

- Links to social media (facebook, instagram, twitter, etc.).