Production Director

North Way Christian CommunityWexford, PA5M ago

This is an artistic and operational role in which the production director operates as member of the production team. As one of the production directors of North Way Christian Community at the Wexford Campus, your focus will be to oversee audio reinforcement at the Wexford Campus, setting high standards and developing systems, to support all technical needs pertaining to sound reinforcement including, but not limited to, the Sanctuary, South Venue and Kids Ministry areas. Support paid staff as needed and when appropriate. Recruit, develop, and schedule volunteers to support the vision of North Way. Direct your specific team member/s in maintaining high quality sound reinforcement that is consistent with the “Sound of North Way” and engages our audiences, reinforces teaching, musicians, presentations, etc. Finally, partner with the Worship, Technical, and Lighting Directors in stage plotting for Wexford Weekend Services. During rehearsals and services, provide real-time, in-the-moment feedback as needed to help enhance the overall quality of the worship experience. Musicianship is a must. Collaborate as needed with central staff to enhance worship experience and maximize production technology at campuses through design, installs, training etc.


  • Oversee all audio related equipment; maintain and arrange repairs when necessary
  • Assist with weekly stage plots and maintain a clean Front of House, stage, and backstage.
  • Maintain communication with other staff and team members as appropriate to ensure coordination and clarity for all areas of responsibility
  • Maintain clean work spaces, stage, closet, Front of House, backstage, etc. etc.
  • Help Worship and Production Director monitor the Wexford Events Calendar and staff these events accordingly. Utilize volunteers as much as possible. Protect staff from overload.
  • Partner with the Worship Director to find avenues of artistic, creative freedom for yourself.
  • Collaborate as needed with central worship/production staff


  • Attend meetings/training as requested/required
  • Saturdays and Sundays are required for the job. Communicate as far out in advance as possible to accommodate absences.
  • Record time and attendance via time clock
  • Respond to email/communication in a timely manner
  • Other duties as assigned

Volunteer Management

  • Recruit Volunteers
  • 3 times a year, or more, actively market and host volunteer sign-ups in conjunction with Video and Lighting.
  • Train Volunteers
  • Schedule time with volunteers to systematically train on audio gear
  • Develop and maintain checklists for all audio positions
  • Checklists should be detailed from volunteers’ arrival to their departure for rehearsals, weekend services, and events.
  • Schedule Volunteers
  • This position should have no less than 3 volunteers, preferably 4 or more, that are capable of executing a weekend service plan.
  • Every 3 months, coordinate with Worship Director, Video, and Lighting and develop a rotation for team members no less than 6 months out
  • Be responsible in following up with your volunteers by checking confirmations 6 weeks out, leading up to their serving week
  • 3 weeks out scheduling should be solid
  • Retain Volunteers
  • Engage in appropriate relationship through coffee, get-togethers, training, etc.
  • Invest time with volunteers both spiritually and technically.
  • Identify, recruit, and train volunteers for “Next-Level” Serving. You should have at least 3 people that could step in and do your job. Set short term and long-term goals to accomplish this.


Education, Skills, and Experience

  • Experience in a professional AVL production environment
  • Extensive expertise of digital audio consoles, signal flow, digital networking, and audio system components
  • Wide bandwidth of professional audio knowledge, including RF technology, audio for video and system tuning. Experience with Shure products, DANTE, SMAART, Pro Tools, Ableton, and Clear-Com desired
  • Strong problem solving/troubleshooting skills
  • Able to operate in a composed manner during stressful and/or demanding situations
  • High School diploma required; College degree, additional training/certifications strongly preferred
  • Experience with recruiting and leading volunteers strongly preferred
  • Background clearances must be current
  • This job will occasionally require lifting and/or helping lift heavy production gear. Must be able to lift at least 50 lbs.