Lead Multimedia Producer

Worship CenterLancaster, PA5M ago

Ensures quality multimedia content that creates an emotional or heart connection and causes movement toward God. This person reports to the Media Director.


Full-time salaried position. Sundays, 8am-2pm and Monday through Thursday, 8am-5pm, with occasional nights or weekends.

To Apply

Submit a resume and application to Anita Hoffer. Also include a link to your video portfolio. In order for an application and resume to be reviewed, it must include a link to a video portfolio.

Experience & Abilities

  1. Education: Bachelors degree in media production with an emphasis on video capturing, directing, and post-production, or equivalent knowledge gained through work.
  2. Experience: Minimum two years experience in media production. Proven proficiency with storyboarding, scriptwriting, directing, pre- and post-production experience, including multi-camera capturing. Experience with Macintosh platform, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop, After E?ects, and Motion Graphics software.
  3. Specific Abilities: Self-management and people skills, multitasking, and a self-starter. Able to lead teams. Skilled with lighting for video, video pre- and post-video production process, set design concepts/scenery, and audio for video recording in both on-location and studio settings. Understanding of video streaming and other forms of video-for-web applications Must be willing to work varied hours, including evenings as necessary. Must be flexible and able to make last-minute adjustments to schedule and set-up requests; basic understanding of broadcast production and workflow; basic graphic design skills preferred.


What This Person Does

  1. Produces quality multimedia content for services, events and Coordinate projects both on site and on location, schedule personnel, rent equipment, contract for professional services, coordinate audio recording, editing, output preparation with the Audio Manager as needed, seeing the project through to completion.
  2. Collaborates with the Communications Coordinator to craft scripts, promotional video needs, and animated slides for multimedia pesentations.
  3. Coordinate production of required multimedia artwork to include titles, animations, intros & outros, etc.
  4. Collaborates with the Design Team to determine creative content for services, events, and promotions.
  5. Collaborates with the Service Producer and stakeholders regarding desired outcomes for creative multimedia in the auditorium.
  6. Serves on the Stories Team, which gathers and shares stories through various media.
  7. Serves as team leader for the Assistant Multimedia Producer, providing direction for tasks and responsibilities and conducting one-on-one meetings regularly.
  8. Maintains existing supplies and Recommend purchase of new equipment and supplies as needed.
  9. Recruits, develops, and serves as a team leader to volunteer team members in various capacities.
  10. Performs other related duties as assigned by the Media Director.


Foundational Requirements:

  1. Have a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.
  2. Live a lifestyle that reflects Biblical standards.
  3. Be a member of Worship Center, or willing to become a member.
  4. Attend worship services regularly and participate in the life of the church family.
  5. Participate in small group life.
  6. Tithe to Worship Center.
  7. Fully embrace WC Staff Core Values.


 Staff Core Values

  1. A growing relationship with Jesus 
  • Loving God and loving others is the core of who we are 
  • Staying grounded in God’s Word and filled with the Holy Spirit is the best gift we can give to each other and the church

  1. Authenticity
  • Be real, open, and humble; have a servant’s heart
  • Integrity and character matter
  • We live out what we say we believe and teach, e.g. the value of relationships, serving, tithing, generosity, etc.

  1. Work hard and have fun!
  • Enthusiastic, positive, faith oriented attitude
  • Can-do, make it happen mindset 
  • Self-directed, motivated 
  • Don’t take ourselves too seriously

  1. Honest communication with coworkers
  • Believe-the-best is the default position 
  • Have each other’s backs; builds trust 
  • Don’t let conflict or disappointment go underground–resolve it (Matthew 18:15)

  1. Excellence 
  • We always bring our best 
  • We are resourceful and make the most of what we have 
  • Excellence honors God and inspires people
  1. Empower Volunteers
  • Serving our volunteers is a priority – “how can I help?” 
  • Engaging others is better than doing it myself 
  • We can’t do it without them!

  1. People really, really matter 
  • We accept and love people right where they are 
  • We will do everything we can to reach people 
  • We will treat everyone with respect 
  • People are more important than policy