Campus Worship Service Coordinator

Port City Community ChurchNew Bern, North Carolina5M ago

Port City Community Church Job Description

          Campus Worship Service Coordinator

Position: Full time Salary                                     Reports To: New Bern Campus Pastor

Religious Worker Not Covered by FSLA Not Entitled to Overtime or Minimum Wage


The WSP Coordinator for the New Bern Campus of Port City Community Church is responsible for the oversight & implementation of the Music & Production elements for the adult worship service environment in New Bern. This individual reports directly to the Campus Pastor of New Bern for logistics and vision. As needed, they are resourced by the Wilmington WSP and IT teams for creative development and service programming execution.

Position Specifications:

·       Must be a believer of Jesus Christ and an active participant of Port City Community Church

·       Must be passionate about leading others into meaningful worship experience

·       Must possess a strong vocal talent and preferably ability to play guitar and/or keys

·       Must demonstrate an acceptable balance of confidence and humility, and must be willing to proactively address issues in accordance with scripture and in alignment with the doctrinal beliefs of Port City Community Church

·       Must be a team-oriented person

·       Must have a working knowledge of Production gear and operating systems (audio, lighting, video streaming and computer graphics)

·       Must have a good sense of evaluation & critique and the ability to challenge contributors in a healthy way

·       Must be able to organize and evaluate systems and schedules of people

·       Must be able to work well under pressure and to multi-task on several projects at once

·       Must have good diplomacy skills and able to listen & communicate well

·       Must be highly ethical and able to process sensitive information confidentially

·       Must be action and goal oriented, visionary

·       Must excel in ministry commitment, conduct and professionalism

·       Must be passionate about the local expression of the body of Christ

·       Must have the ability to trouble-shoot and make decisions “in the moment” based on the information that is currently at hand

·       Must be resourceful/flexible

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

·       Cultivate a deepening, growing relationship with Jesus from which your ministry flows.

·       Meet with Campus Pastor weekly to plan, review and evaluate worship experiences

·       Ability to recruit, audition and develop volunteer musicians to lead worship

·       Plan and lead God-honoring, engaging and creative worship services in alignment with PC3’s mission and vision, including special events (Christmas Eve, Night of Worship service, etc)

·       Recruiting, leading and training volunteers to run the technical environments

·       Discover and implement processes and solutions for creating an appealing and

engaging environment to include complete understanding and mastery of the video transmission, lighting equipment and all production gear associated

·       Plan weekly set lists, production orders and corresponding systems (i.e. Lights,

Ableton) for Sunday Gathering.

·       Provide oversight and assistance to Host Team Volunteer to ensure a consistent and

inviting experience for PC3 attendees

·       Point person for all technical production decisions

·       Complete understanding of the use of Planning Center and its purpose for volunteers

·       Providing quality control & environmental support to other ministry environments

·       Troubleshooting gear issues and general maintenance and repair on systems and


·       Collaborate with Campus Pastor in the continued vision for the spiritual growth,

biblical teaching and ministry care for the technical volunteers, musicians and worship leaders.

General Work Schedule:

·       Full time (40 hours, excluding lunch) salaried.